As an affiliate partner, you represent Arise Apparel Co.™ and promote what the brand stands for.

Do you have a website, a blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram or other social media outlet with numerous followers? Are you a great social influencer? Why not share the love of this brand and also earn passive money by joining our Affiliate Program?

What is it?
This is a marketing program where YOU can receive commission or payment for generating sales online. Whenever a customer uses an affiliate’s link or coupon code for purchase, that affiliate (you) receives a percentage of that sale.

Our Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity for bloggers, influencers or inspirational people. Simply share our products with your followers and fans, get paid for every sales you send! When you join, you get your own dashboard, performance data, affiliate links, coupon codes and promotional material. Imagine an extra passive stream of income in sales revenue, while we fulfill orders.

Additional details
- You will need an active and popular social media account with at least 10K Followers who match the demographics and interests.
- Our content primarily are for the Christian audience who loves Jesus Christ as well as church and missionary work.
- We pay portion % commission of every sale within a 30-day web cookie tracking of every customer you send our way.

This means that even if customers do not purchase the same day they click through your link, but returns within 30 days and make a purchase (without clicking through your link again), you still get paid! AWESOME right? We would love to have you as a partner!

More information for current affiliates at the Affiliates FAQ page.

Fine Print: We reserve the right to deny, dispute or reject any affiliate or sale based on practices or actions or spams that violate our terms of service or not in like with honest marketing practices.

Apply today if you have read & meet the criteria set forth above. Send us your website or social links for consideration. Please provide a description of why you would be a great affiliate candidate and how you plan to promote for marketing. Anything that is not in harmony of the brand's image or reputation or looks like spam may be rejected or not be considered. Start earning today. Use to the Contact Us page to sign up!

"ARISE, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you." - Isaiah 60:1