WHY BUY FROM ME: You're supporting a young entrepreneur who quit the regular corporate world to pursue a passion for designing & apparel & business. With my Christian belief, I wanted to combine my faith along with my love for art & graphic design onto t-shirts. Each tee is beautifully crafted and printed by hand. I'm sure you will enjoy the soft quality & comfort of these awesome shirts! :)

After working a variety of different jobs, I wanted to use my graphic design talent to do more for God’s work instead of using it on secular companies. Wanting to further the Kingdom of God, I quit the corporate world. By faith, I started this t-shirt printing company as a way to win more souls effectively & sell shirts so I can fundraise for charity.

Did you know that "an average t-shirt is read & seen about 3,000 times before it's worn out."?  That means it has potential to reach so many for the Kingdom. 👕 👉 This method is such an effective witnessing tool for evangelism. Many souls have been led to Jesus Christ through this simple format of witnessing and sharing. So when someone reads your shirt, it is another seed planted in their mind for spiritual interest. Display your ministry everywear you go.

We must boldly ARISE and share our faith with people all around us.

We are CALLED TO SERVE everywhere.



Arise Apparel is more than just a clothing company creating awesome shirts - we are CALLED TO SERVE others and make a difference in people's lives. I believe in using our God-given talents and resources to give back for those in need.

I started this business (and ministry) by selling shirts as a way of FUNDRAISING so I can give towards charity each month. Your purchase helps us donate together.🌏 🤲

Think of it as you giving a donation, but you're rewarded with cool shirts in return. 👕 You win, everyone wins!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support volunteers serving & helping children overseas know about Jesus. more info.

When it comes to a charity fundraising event, people often give generously. Consider b̶u̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ “donating” more than 1 item today. Grab some extra presents for your family, church friends, or pastor. These make great gift ideas for baptism, mission trips, church camp, birthdays, etc.

Thank you for supporting Arise Apparel today! 🤝


Vuong came to the USA from Vietnam at a young age. He grew up Buddhist, and often questioned the meaning of life. He felt lost in finding the truth and our purpose of existence.

He took a long journey in studying all the different types of religions. Vuong found The Truth and peace in Christianity during college. He is still the only Christian in his family. (for now)

While in his career as a graphic designer, he decided to use his talents to do more for God’s work instead of using it in the corporate world. Desiring to further the Kingdom of God, he quit his jobs to pursue this new path.

By faith, he started a t-shirt printing business by himself as a way to win more souls effectively & fundraise for charity. Please pray for this ministry and the journey ahead.

🙏 Blessings, Vuong

"ARISE, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you." - Isaiah 60:1